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basis and disclosure for book reviews

A close sighted view of allocating my time for maximal profit would be to spend my time learning about investing solely for my benefit.

But I have also benefitted immensely by the careful study that is sharpened by a need to articulate and teach, even while simply discussing with others. So attempting to share my knowledge with others, hopefully in a lucid, vivid way, should continue to help my own investing efforts. And in truth, all that I learned, was aided by the material that others created in their efforts to teach.

There is also the ethical aspect, that just as I helped myself and my family by investing, I may perhaps touch others, who might discover the opportunities and gratification of the investing approach to life. Particularly, young people, may benefit so immensely from understanding that investment is fundamentally, the allocation of resources, your resources, so as to preserve your capabilities, add to them, and maximize your potential. And your truly maximal potential will be as directed by your talents and intentions, none others.

As I noted elsewhere, my learning has benefitted from reading. The writings of accomplished investors are a crucial starting place and continuing education and it is natural and important that I point my readers to this material. I have read every book I review. My reviews are my personal take on the book, not taken from elsewhere.

But this blog is at root an investment, with a watchful shareholder. As a sincere effort to earn money from this blog, I link the book reviews to a purchasing site on (where I buy virtually all of my books). If you buy them after traversing the link provided, I do receive a small commission, which does not raise the price for you.