why amateur investor

The amateur engages in an enterprise on an unpaid, nonprofessional basis.

“Amateur” is derived from the Latin verb “to love” – “amare”

The amateur finds his reward not in a fee, but in the fullest development of the enterprise.  and a good definition of love, is to promote the development of the beloved to their fullest potential.

In my approach to investment, the highest reward is attained with a business that reaches and continues to reach higher levels of development.  Indeed, the best investments might be termed “eternal companies”, since they appear to command an endless capacity to strengthen and increase the reach of their unique franchise.

Indeed, the managements of these “eternal companies” might be said to love the enterprise to which they are dedicated to lead, nurture, defend and strengthen.  These managements want their enterprises to reach their fullest conceivable potential.

Finally, as love is a service, the managements of these great companies intend them to serve other people, as customers, as partners, as shareholders.  And therein lies their perhaps hidden strength, that they are in fact indispensable.  For the others would not thrive in their absence.

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